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Mortimer Singer - Value Shifts Shaping the Consumer Goods Sector

One tested way to anticipate future trends and events is to pay attention to how societal values are shifting and how those shifts may manifest in the market. This is especially the case in the consumer goods sector where success partially hinges on identifying what’s important to the consumer.

Mortimer Singer, managing partner at TRAUB Capital, is a well-respected voice in the consumer goods and retail space. In this GrowthTV episode, he sheds some light on how he sees society changing post pandemic and how that may translate into business decisions.


About Traub Capital Partners: Traub Capital Partners is a New York-based private equity firm that specializes in building value in consumer companies. The firm's differentiated approach integrates deep consumer-focused operating experience within the investment process to unlock opportunities and apply tactical resources to execute them for the benefit of our investors. The fund targets investments in companies with revenue between $50 and $250 million. To learn more about Traub Capital Partners, visit

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