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Investment Focus

Strategic Differentiation

Strategic vision to see opportunities where others do not.


Strategic private equity specializing in building value in consumer companies.


Tactical resources to execute where others can not.



We are brand builders

We believe in a partnership approach

We possess the resources to empower and accelerate growth

We maintain a truly unique network

We are supported by a deep bench of operating partners

We are a platform of industry knowledge with a pulse on market trends and cycles

We strive to energize established businesses by implementing best-practices and applying our sector expertise via hands-on operational improvements.

Just as the balloon requires attention to the lift and the ballast in order to rise and clear the mountains, our focus is on both revenue and SG&A optimization. One without the other simply doesn’t work for the long term. 


We help our companies cross the horizon by applying 20th century knowledge and 21st century tools and technologies

The Traub Capital Partners Difference

About Us

TCP brings legacy companies into the 21st century
  • Traub Capital Partners currently has $170 million of assets under management

  • Possesses a unique partnership of four with investment, strategic and operational expertise with a combined 100+ years of experience

  • Leverages existing infrastructure and platform with a dedicated team and resources

  • Boasts a superior track record of 3.1x ROI on realized investments over the past 15+ years

  • Sources exclusive proprietary deal flow leveraging our sector dominance

  • Resulting in a differentiated investor in a less competitive segment of the PE landscape

As the consumer moves between satisfying their wants to needs and back again, Traub Capital Partners strategy is to own businesses that support them in both instances. We look for companies that are buoyed by either or both, strong brand equities and enthusiast consumers. We like to say that these attributes are the wind under the wings of the companies we acquire, allowing us to safely tinker with the engine while flying the proverbial plane. Traub Capital Partners investment thesis is highly focused on identifying and investing in recession-resilient, consumer-oriented businesses. 


Incumbent brands are now successfully adopting the tools of the contenders. Future success will be for those who merge the best practices of the 20th and 21st centuries. Traub Capital Partners is uniquely positioned to create value by growing and optimizing consumer businesses, using our strategic tools and practices.

Our Focus

We are a differentiated investor with both financial and strategic resources.

Traub Capital Partners investment strategy is focused on three key pillars

Specialized in multiple attractive verticals within the large and growing consumer sector

Consumer Brands


Food, CPG, Beverage

Health, Wellness & Beauty


Experiential Media & Entertainment

Focus on lower middle market private companies 

Inflection Point Investing

Family-Owned Businesses

Corporate Orphans​

$25-50mm Equity Checks

Revenues of ~$150M

EBITDA of ~$15M