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The Vertical Beauty Alliance to Deliver Seamless, End-to-End Beauty Solutions Around the World

By TRAUB On January 16, 2021


Mana Products, Meiyume, and RPG Form the Vertical Beauty Alliance to Deliver Seamless, End-to-End Beauty Solutions Around the World

Traub Capital is proud to have helped forge a tripartite alliance between three of the most recognized players in beauty manufacturing thereby forming one of the most global and agile partnerships in the industry: The Vertical Beauty Alliance

The full WWD article by James Manso is available as a PDF here You can read more on the press release here

NEW YORK, HONG KONG January 14, 2021 – MANA Products, a leading partner for innovative ideation, development, and manufacturing of prestige branded beauty products, Meiyume, a one-stop shop partner providing product and retail solutions for the beauty industry, and RPG, an award-winning global design and manufacturing firm recognized for building all aspects of the retail and branded experience, announce the establishment of The Vertical Beauty Alliance, a revolutionary industry alliance which creates a supply chain nucleus for the development, manufacturing and merchandising of beauty products on a global scale.

The Vertical Beauty Alliance allows beauty brands to leverage the collective experience, expertise, and resources of MANA Products, Meiyume, and RPG – industry leaders in beauty product ideation, innovation, formulation, manufacturing, packaging and in-store experience. This new association brings their customers unparalleled innovation, reliable speed to market, and a global footprint for creativity, formulation, and manufacturing of their brand essentials.

The combined R&D innovation labs and manufacturing strength of all parties allows The Vertical Beauty Alliance to provide clients with quality mixing, filling and supply solutions in Europe, Asia, and America to ensure supply chain resilience as well as access to an extensive library of innovative formulas and finishes, including clean and vegan formulas.

Furthermore, The Vertical Beauty Alliance will collectively identify and harness the white space in retail categories, markets, and environments to elevate the power of brands and compel consumers to shop and purchase. From forecasting trends to providing in-store solutions, including displays, fixtures, retail environments, and data analytics, this alliance will re-imagine turnkey product development and customer experience where digital meets brick & mortar.

With The Vertical Beauty Alliance, customers will have access to: • Expertise in Formulation & Production of All 4 Categories of Beauty – Color Cosmetics, Skincare, Haircare & Fragrance • A Global Footprint with 6 Manufacturing Facilities Located on 3 Continents • 9 Research & Development Laboratories • 2 Formula Libraries with Over 10,000 Formulas • Award-Winning Retail and Brand Experiential Design & Manufacturing Services for Successful Global Retail Activation Across All Channels.

“The world is changing rapidly, and our industry needs to keep pace. The formation of The Vertical Beauty Alliance will simplify everything and give new, emerging, and existing beauty brands access to the global resources of three industry powerhouses – for formulation, design, packaging, production, manufacturing and display, and create a seamless pathway from ideation to on-shelf, across the entire supply chain,” said Bob Jaegly, CEO of MANA Products.

“Today’s environment is an opportunity to find new ways to meet the demands of the consumer for today and tomorrow. I’m proud to join forces with MANA and RPG to expand their reach by leveraging our award-winning manufacturing facilities. By complementing their US footprint with our Asian and European capabilities, we can demonstrate our shared commitment to creating seamless beauty solutions for our customers around the world,” said Gerard Raymond, President of Meiyume.

“RPG is excited to support THE VERTICAL Beauty Alliance with best-in-class design and manufacturing. This partnership will allow us to create a cohesive customer experience from product to retail activation. Together, our disciplines will be aligned and synergized, poising us to successfully compete in all markets. The hybridization of our business models and disciplines makes us stronger and better to provide holistic services to both heritage and developing brands,” said Bruce E. Teitelbaum, CEO of RPG.

MANA is one of the world’s leading partners for innovative ideation, development, and manufacturing of prestige branded beauty products. With four research and development laboratories and two production and manufacturing facilities, MANA brings together the passion, process, and people to define and lead the future of beauty. For over 45 years, MANA has developed groundbreaking color cosmetic, skin care and hair care formulas for some of the world’s most renowned beauty brands and globally recognized makeup artists.

Based in New York City since 1975, MANA was acquired by Traub Capital in September 2020. Traub has a celebrated legacy in prestige beauty and has brought their unrivaled experience, operational expertise, resources, and global network to MANA. Visit

Media Contact: Jimmy Pawaroo, Vice President, Technical Sales / Mobile 917.682.6762

Meiyume is a one-stop shop partner of product solutions for fragrance, skincare, and color cosmetics, and digital retail solutions such as interactive POS displays with data capture and insights for world-class brands, retailers and direct marketers.

Operating award-winning manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, China, Indonesia, and Thailand, Meiyume delivers mixing, filling and supply chain excellence around the world.

Meiyume believes in sharing knowledge and ideas to deliver transformative solutions for their customers around the world. Visit

Media Contact: James Baldwin, Senior Vice President – Strategy / Mobile 214.213.0891

Founded in 1991, RPG designs, engineers, and manufactures brands, products, packaging, displays, and retail environments across multiple categories, for both mass and prestige distribution. With headquarters in Manhattan and global manufacturing facilities, RPG maintains an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Visit

Media Contact: Ellen Friedman, Executive Vice President / Mobile 917.509.6487

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